Sunday, 20 December 2009

Sunday December 20th.
I have been so busy preparing for Xmas that I have had no time to write my blog! Well it is all done it all except meat for Xmas period but cannot get that until Xmas Eve. I also needs somw chocs for the kids and adults too as it is the only time I really enjoy chocolates! Perhaps I got my tree too early as it is beginning to wilt and shed needles already! I hope it is not bare come Xmas day!
I got my pressie for me yesterday and now have an ipod so that I can make my own compilations of my fav tunes. It is is small and pink, a Nano smashing name!
It has been snowing and hailing here and it was bitterly cold in Church but glad I went as I have not been for a few weeks as I have been away in London at my boss's leaving do. I stayed with Andy and Cara and saw dear little Milo...he gives me big hugs when he sees me now! I wonder what the new baby girl will be like...having to wait until April to find out!
Must get on now and vac up the tree needles and getsome food......steak tonight yummmy!