Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Well again Thank God!

Wednesday November 18th 2009.

At last I feel ok! It has taken weeks! Went back to my school in London but cannot cope with all the travelling and so I have quit. I feel relieved and all I have to get ready for nowis Xmas! So many presents to buy for my extended family! I finished my main present shopping yesterday. Great relief!
I am going to see my cousin Eileen for a few days tomorrow. She is off to Sri Lanka in 2 weeks where she will spend Xmas with friends and her daughter and family, who are travelling around the world for a year. They have only just gone and Eileen was so upset as she is 80 and you do not know what is around the corner at that age.
I am going to be busy this Xmas as the boys will be here over Xmas and for the first time in years we will all be together. Isn't that great!

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Eureka I have found somewhere to blog again!

Thursday November 12th.
I have found a blogger sight that seems to work at last. Tried Blogspot but it kept losing my screed so I have now found this site which seems ok!
I did not blog for ages as I was so disappointed that aol shut down I did not have the heart to start all over again. I was not fast enough to save my blog either and it is now lost forever. What a shame as it was a useful reminder of how I coped with my broken leg, retirement, moving back North and of course my mum's passing away. I am sorry to have lost all that stuff but I dare say it would make depressing reading! Everything seemed to keep going wrong!

I hope to find some of my old friends from aol days as I understand a few of you moved over here. I will try and make contact with you soon if you are out there somewhere. Jean, Janey, Bob and Nat in particular.

I am working 3 days a week in London at the moment......just for 10 weeks. That is enough and I am only doing it for the money! I need to clear my debts and save for a holiday abroad! It is not because I miss teaching that much! It is one to one teaching. I have 18 students 6 a day for 10 weeks and I am enjoying the teaching. I go down there on Sunday afternoon and back home to Southport on a wednesday evening after work. It takes me 4 hours door to door.It is quite tiring but I can cope short term. I would not like to be doing it any longer than 10weeks though!

I have caught up with my old pals from HCS and especially Horlene who was my best friend. She is Jamaican and I love her to bits!

I have got involved in Strictly and X factor again but losing heart with Xfactor after last weeks show. How are those twins still there? I liked Lucie and thought she might win. What a 2 faced hypocrite that Simon is!

Very tired after the journey yesterday evening so I will not write anymore today but I will tell you more about what I have been up to next time.