Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Well again Thank God!

Wednesday November 18th 2009.

At last I feel ok! It has taken weeks! Went back to my school in London but cannot cope with all the travelling and so I have quit. I feel relieved and all I have to get ready for nowis Xmas! So many presents to buy for my extended family! I finished my main present shopping yesterday. Great relief!
I am going to see my cousin Eileen for a few days tomorrow. She is off to Sri Lanka in 2 weeks where she will spend Xmas with friends and her daughter and family, who are travelling around the world for a year. They have only just gone and Eileen was so upset as she is 80 and you do not know what is around the corner at that age.
I am going to be busy this Xmas as the boys will be here over Xmas and for the first time in years we will all be together. Isn't that great!

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